Bobbekins are a magical race, a little like fairies and elves, but from a world far-far away. They do spend a lot of time traveling from planet to planet, helping others. One day Bobby Bobbekin, that’s Sue and Clive’s father, found this amazing world that he named ‘Toy City’. He had never seen anything like it, ever.

Right from the very first time he saw it, it was like a dream come true. The city had something that the Bobbekins had been wishing for, for a long-long time; somewhere that they could call their home.

As well as the fun feel of ‘Toy City’ that was so appealing to the childish side we find in Bobbekins, the City was also magically alive and therefore forever-changing. Just a second, I have magic. I am a fairy owl. Let me show you what I am talking about.

Bobby really wanted to find out more about this city. After talking to friends on other planets, he found out that ‘Toy City’ was built by a very powerful wizard, for the education and amusement of his children.

After his children had grown up, the wizard had become so fond of the city, that he did not have the heart to change it in any way. Bobby had no idea, that after all this time the city was still talking to the wizard.

He was even more surprised, that the city had asked the wizard if the Bobbekins could live in Toy City, permanently. The wizard agreed to this request, under one condition. The grand master commanded the city to send this message:

‘Let it be known on all the planets that if you know of any good deeds by the race that call themselves Bobbekins, please say it out loud and my City will hear you.

When we hear of one thousand good deeds, I will grant the Bobbekin Race a home in my City forever and it will then be known as BobbekinWorld from that time on’

This was so much more than the Bobbekins could have ever hoped for. Within 24 hours the good deeds chart was over five thousand and the City declared it was now the servant of the Bobbekin Race and it sent out thank you notes to all the surrounding planets.