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Schleich are a great range of toys that make everything from animal toys and figurines to action figures and branded characters. Here you can choose from a range of figures that you know will be good quality and safe for your children to play with, and by using these figurines you can cultivate your children’s imaginations and their creativity. Here we will look at some of the options you can choose from and help you choose the right figure for your children or for the child you know.

The Smurfs: Schelich toys include a range of Smurf toys which are very popular and which let your kids play with a brand they recognize. Every child knows about the Smurfs and this means that they can re-enact their favorite stories from the cartoons and pose their favorite characters. What makes these toys even better at the moment is the fact that the film has recently come out meaning that they are ‘in’ toys to have and that everyone will want to have in the playground.

Fantasy Toys: Many children enjoy fantasy figurines and if your child is a fan of Warcraft or of Lord of the Rings then they will no doubt be happy to receive Dragons or Unicorns as gifts. This is a really good way to get your child’s imagination to run away with them – and what’s particularly good about fantasy toys is that they can be enjoyed by both genders. You’ll find that as many girls enjoy Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings as boys do, so this world of monsters and creatures appeals to all.

Heroes: Heroes have to be some of the best gifts for boys and there are lots of excellent action figures from Schleich that are uniquely cool and heroic. You can get ninjas, barbarians and gladiators and all of them look fantastic and are highly poseable. Boys love to pretend to be heroic characters and to be impossibly strong and brave, or wise and stealthy, and y playing as the Ninja or the Gladiator they can do just that. Think about the boy you know and what kind of hero he’s more likely to respond to.

Animals: Animals are once again great figurines for the fact that they are so gender neutral. Any child below the age of ten (or even 15) will enjoy collecting animal figures and will recognize them. They can be great learning tools for younger children too and you can use them to help them identify the different animals and the noises they make.

Dinosaurs: To children dinosaurs are truly fascinating and mystical beasts. They look like huge monsters or dragons, but unlike monsters and dragons they were once real and you can see their skeletons in museums. Truly dinosaurs are a great toy for any child for this reason, and at the same time it’s a great way to get them interested in science and paleontology. Not sure which dinosaur to get? Always go for the T-Rex…

There has been a growing interest in schleich toys. As a kid I used to play with them and also a lot of sylvanian families toys.

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