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Target Market

Our target market for the BobbekinWorld e-Books is teachers, parents and grandparents. Ultimately, the child, of course. We believe that the children growing up nowadays will enjoy in-depth animation in e-Books. So far, most animated e-Books for children show wriggling hippo’s and ducks that swim around a boat, we believe that Real Time Animation is the next step. When a parent becomes involved in
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About Crowdfunding

Whether you are completely new to crowdfunding or familiar with it since its start back in 2009; stories of crowdfunding successes and failures will become more and more common. There is a lot going on when it comes to crowdfunding, and it is certainly worthwhile catching your attention. Come take a look and see what all the fuss is about! We decided to start
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The evaluation of e-Books for children

E-books are commonplace these days. First generation readers offered a basic digital version of a printed book. The experience was similar to reading a traditional paper book, with the major difference the scrolling through pages instead of turning them over. Today’s devices offer more possibilities. These “enhanced” e-Books offer a completely new and different reading experience. Often bought as apps, these e-Books provide lots
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Video Contests, Film Festivals, and Awards

Press Release R2-D2 Creator Tony Dyson, Marvel Writer Michael Lent, Grammy Nom Barry Goldberg, Gemini Winner Ron Proulx, Industry Leaders from FOX, Pixar Judge New Media Film Festival Movies and Musical artists tell stories that can stay with you for a lifetime. New Media Film Festival honours stories worth telling and has brought on a stunning array of esteemed judges to cast their vote
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Support the Bobbekins

Tony Dyson, the creator of R2-D2, the most loved robot in the world, is launching children’s e-Books with advanced animation, “BobbekinWorld” These e-Books combine video, music and still images of cute little characters called Bobbekins, more interactive than ever before, taking full advantage of new media to create some engaging stories that children really love. With going to Indiegogo, we are actually pre-selling our
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About Netdreamer Publications

We are a virtual publishing company, specialising in children’s books for educational and life experience. We have been working with real time animation since 2011 and believe it has a great potential as a teaching tool. We are convinced that the published material available today for tablets and e-readers falls very short to its full potential. We believe that the sophisticated child, born and
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The animated videos that appear on the pages of our multi-media e-Book

These are the videos that appear in the pages of our new advanced media e-Book. You will find these videos and the text in our publication. This is the start of the magical BobbekinWorld series. Want to know more? go HERE

Tips and advice on internet use for your child

Spend time online together with your child. If you don’t have a computer at home, ask your librarian if the library has computers that you and your child may use. Learn along with your child. If you’re not familiar with computers or with the Internet, ask the librarian if and when someone is available at the library to help you and your child learn
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