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Dr Tracy Harwood (@tgharwood) is a National Teacher Fellow and a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University, UK.  She has researched and is an avid fan of machinima since becoming involved in the community as Director of the First European Machinima Film Festival, 2007.

 Dr Tracy Harwood Senior Research Fellow Retail Lab | Usability Lab | Institute of Creative Technologies De Montfort University The Gateway | Leicester | LE1 9BH | UK T 44+ (0)116 207 8028 E tharwood@dmu.ac.uk Twitter @tgharwood


faceupProf Dr Klaus Oestreicher is Academic Director and Professor with the IPE School of Management Paris and Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Dutch Foundation Stichting Euregio University College with academic obligations in many parts of the world.

A permanent guest lecturer and keynote speaker around the globe, Klaus is a member of the Board of the International Professional Managers Association, and has received a number of awards, such as Fellow of the British Higher Education Academy, Chartered Marketer and Fellow with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Klaus Oestreicher’s research is internationally acknowledged and has appeared in numerous European and US journals and two books. Bobbekins


bethsimageElizabeth (Beth) Spezia oversees education services and community engagement at WSIU, the public television and radio stations for southern Illinois. Since joining WSIU in 2002, Beth has won several awards for her work in outreach. She leads the station’s Ready To Learn initiative, which reaches thousands of local children and families each year through media-based learning. She is a doctoral student with a focus on children’s media in the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and a member of the International Communication Association. Beth serves on the public library board in her home town.


sonicDr. Phylis Johnson (PhD, Instructional Technology) is a professor of media in the College of Mass Comm

unication & Media Arts at Southern Illinois University.  She has more than 20 years of professional media experience and has written four books in media, as well as numerous research and journalistic publications on sound, virtual worlds, and media in general.


sjFestival founder and director Susan Johnston is CEO of Award Winning, certified DBE Production Company Select Services Films, Inc. She founded the first annual New Media Film Festival in 2009. Susan’s experience in producing, sponsor acquisition & brand integration of the NMFF, Counsel of the Year Awards and ActorFestLA has propelled her endeavors to almost immediate success.New Media Film

Before launching the New Media Film Festival, Susan Johnston helped build three other film festivals, one of which is now Academy- accredited. Johnston has a background in the traditional film and TV industry, but is also known as a pioneering new media producer. She produced Mini- Bikers – the first series ever made for mobile phones – in conjunction with FLM, as well as one of the first HD TV pilots utilizing the Panasonic Varicam and music videos with the DVX100. Susan along with Pierre Debs of SAG and Frank Chindamo of FLM developed the SAG Internet contract in 2003. As a Professor Emeritus in New Media, Susan speaks internationally in schools, at seminars and is a judge for the New Media Institute. A member of ATAS, 3DIS, BMI, SAG & AFTRA.


sonicSuzanne Boyd is the Manager of the Franciscan Center Studios and an instructor at Madonna University. She also sits on the Board of Christopher Coppola’s Project Accessible Hollywood, a groundbreaking digital media festival that celebrates the stories and voices of everyday people. Suzanne has produces over 800 television programs in the Detroit Area. She has been involved in on-line education for over 20 years and was on the educational advisory board for Active Worlds, a groundbreaking internet platform. Awards include MTV’s Community of the Future Award for her work with youth in the Detroit Community and the PAHfest Bugsy Siegel Award for community outreach.