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We have a dream at Netdreamer.com

We have a dream and we would love you to be a part of it.

I know it’s not a big dream as dreams go, but it could change so many lives, as all loving and positive dreams always do.

We are not asking for charity, we are simply asking you to participate in our project, in the most positive way you can. By buying in-advance, we can stay independent.

When you help us, we can help you and your family, to have so much more fun.We have screen savers, coloring books and even ABC books with your child’s name printed right in-side, all glued, stitched and stapled together in Toy City, by our lovable Bobbekins.

So will you join the fun in Toy City? Clive and Sue would love you to step into their magical world. Let your imagination go free, if only for a short time, do you like dancing? I know I do:-) Netdreamer

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