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  • Mr. Dyson, can you tell us what the goal of the project is?

To produce a true multi-media experience when publishing our children’s e-Books

  • Why do you find this important?

We believe that the digital books at this moment do not take advantage of the full potential of the new digital readers.

  • Are these new readers relevant to the children’s education?

Most definitely. A very large amount of children now have access to these, even at a very young age.

  • Do you feel that young children can manage those devices, such as e-readers and tablets?

Yes we do, in fact, this contributes to the reason for their popularity. Today’s children find it very easy to use them and they accept them as we did printed books in our days. Children are surrounded by high technology, through computers, games, films and television. It makes up their world.

  • Why do you think it is important to introduce multi-media and advanced animation in e-Books, when for so long simplistic animation has appeared adequate?

We feel there are 2 very good reasons for this. First; the children expect to engage all their senses, when they are being presented with a storyline or teaching exercise. The second reason, which is more subtle, is that educators have found an enormous success ratio in the principle of not only engaging all the senses of a child, but also in motivating their imagination in a passionate way, that can only lead to the child’s wondering and questioning mind. We are looking for a reaction, in the magic words: but why? What does that mean? Our publications are designed to provoke.

  • Could you clarify this, are you promoting the idea of in depth storytelling that the child might not quite understand?

Very much so. The most powerful tool is the child itself asking: why? When this happens we know we have engaged the child’s inquiring mind. Therefore, whatever we are trying to teach the child, will be remembered.

  • Would you say your publications are in fact interactive?

Yes. Our e-Books are specifically designed to cause a reaction between the child and its parents. We see our stories as a catalyst.

  • How important is it that the parents and teachers can engage and enjoy the multi-media experience?

Educators all around the world are continuously working on finding the secrets of teaching in the most efficient way. They all come to the same conclusion: the most powerful tool a teacher or parent has, is their own passion for the subject matter they are trying to impart. This is called the mimic syndrome. If we produce multimedia books that can also entertain and engage the imagination of the parent, the child will most definitely sense that passion and wish to mimic and to be involved. We believe that our stories are entertaining for all ages.

  • Finally, Mr Dyson, can you explain why you are coming to Indiegogo?

That is a very good question, and I really would like to thank the people here for their help. Over the last 2 years, we have invested a considerable amount of money and time in this project. It has been very difficult to stay independent. We know that if we sell to the large publishers too early, we will most definitely lose control over matters we find very important and are close to our heart.

We now need to market and develop the full range of e-Books and printed material. At Indiegogo we have the perfect opportunity not only to pre-sell our publications, but to also offer exciting bonuses to families and teachers who share and appreciate our concept.

The Authors:

Prof. Tony Dyson obbs, is the SFX Master behind many creations such as R2-D2, the barrel-shaped Droid from the “Star Wars sagas” and many other ingenious creations for cinema and TV commercials. Being commissioned to create anything from Robots to Theme parks, Tony has built a worldwide reputation as the man who can make it happen.

Chantal Harvey is considered one of the top machinimatographers in the world. She is responsible for over 70 animated films, and produced festivals and international contests for Real Time Animation.


Our advisors: 

Since recorded history, the art and science of education has determined our future. The academic community is always striving to relate to a changing world. It is our responsibility to relate to the next generation, in a meaningful way, and in an ever changing environment. We recognise that fact and have sought advice from leaders in this particular field. Their direction has been invaluable.

Who we are, teamwork: 

We recognise how fortunate we are, not only having the opportunity to work with people that are very talented but also people that do share our dream and concept.

The Bobbekin article: 

Doctor Phyllis Johnson has been a supporter of our project, right from the beginning. When we were constructing Toy City, the imaginative world where the Bobbekins live, she very kindly offered to write an article about our project, our aims and our dreams. We highly recommend that you follow this link and share her insight to our world, a world we hope that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.


Other Ways You Can Help

          If you can’t contribute, it doesn’t mean that you can’t help:

  • Help us to get the word out and make some noise about this campaign?
  • Could you use the Indiegogo share tools and spread the word?
  • Share and forward this campaign to your friends and family?
  • Like our FB fan page and buzz social media in any way you can?
  • Post on the Indiegogo comment thread above?
  • We are posting a new page of our book every day, for the next 25 days! Now that’s a tweet for you   :-)

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