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Daycare for Infants?  Good or Bad Idea?

There is much debate over whether or not infants belong in daycare.  However, there is no right answer.  It really comes down to each person’s individual circumstances, and there are many factors that contribute to the decision making process.  Is daycare for infants a good or a bad idea?  Here are some things to consider:

Infants need a lot of attention.  They cry (sometimes a lot), and need diaper changes and regular feedings and entertaining environments.  Unfortunately, many infants in daycare settings end up spending a good majority of their time in a swing, crib, or play yard.

The daycare schedule.  Most daycares adhere to a strict operating schedule that accounts for all of the activities children do during the day (like eating, napping, learning, playing, etc.).  Infants simply do not abide by any schedule but their own, and any daycare provider who takes care of infants should be aware of this fact and approach the care of infants accordingly.

Infants cannot tell you when something is wrong.  This is perhaps the biggest issue most people have with daycare for infants.  How are parents supposed to know if their children are being taken care of adequately and affectionately if their children can’t tell them what’s going on?  There are solutions to this conundrum, such as web-based daycare camera monitoring, but it may be very difficult for you to find a daycare that offers this technology; what’s more is that it may be just as difficult for you to find the time to monitor your daycare provider throughout the day.

Parent/infant bonding.  There is a lot of talk lately about attachment parenting, and many people argue that infants who spend a lot of time with caregivers other than their parents are simply missing the opportunity to develop healthy attachments to their parents.  Scientific studies show that attachment (or parent/child bonding) is tantamount to a child’s development of self-esteem, and that disruptions in the attachment process can lead to personal and interpersonal issues into adulthood.  While there is no definitive answer when it comes to the effects of daycare on the parent/infant bond, it is still an issue that deserves your serious consideration.

Running a daycare is not child’s play.  It is serious business that involves the care of your most precious treasure.  Your little ones deserve to be in an environment that will nurture their talents and curiosity, and surrounded by people who care about their well-being

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