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How To Save Money On Your Disney Vacation

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Disney is a magical place. Once you go, you join the ranks of people starting the countdown until the next visit. Unfortunately, Disney is not always the cheapest of vacations. But, there are some tips and techniques you can use to help ease the financial frustrations. Whether you’re planning your first visit to Disney or one of many return trips, there are always ways to save money. Here are a few simple ideas to make the trip easier on the wallet: capsa online

Book Off-Season

The busiest times at Disney are during holidays and the beginning and end of summer. With that being the case, you can usually get a steal of a deal by booking a vacation opposite of any of those times. For instance, you can get almost half off if you schedule a trip just after the school year starts or even the second week in January after the big holiday rush. What you’re basically doing is watching the school calendar and going against the typical vacation times. This may take a bit of planning, but the cost savings are well worth the effort.

Off-season travel not only saves you money on the hotels, resorts, and parks, but it also allows for a more enjoyable experience. Instead of waiting in line for hours and hours, you walk straight up to a ride or attraction with hardly a wait at all.

Vacation Packages

Booking a Disney vacation package is a great way to save money. Not only do the packages allow you to group everything together, it also allows you to customize your Disney vacation to fit your monetary needs as well as fitting the attractions you want to see. Disney packages will typically save you money on transportation within Disney World, as well as savings on hotel or resort prices, and even food.

The two biggest savings, food and hotel, are the main reasons most people decide to go with a vacation package. If you choose to indulge in a “character dining” experience, for instance, your bill could easily be well over $100. A dining package adds value by giving you a low flat rate for your dining plan. It doesn’t matter if your bill for dinner comes to $5 or $150, you pay a flat fee for the plan. Many families enjoy the fact that there are no loose ends or unknown expenditures for dining. Your dining package will also save on snacks and quick meals, which, just like a gas station candy bar, can add up very fast.

Get the Most for Your Money

Another way to save money at Disney is to take full advantage of all the perks, such as extra hours, formally called “magic hours,” for which the park stays open to those who reside at a Disney Resort. There are also travel savings, such as buses which take you in between each park, saving money on parking and gas. There is also a monorail and boats, which will not only take you between the parks, but will give you an exciting tour of the entire park.


Of course, these are just a few ways to take advantage of Disney World savings. While there are many other ways to reduce your expenses, these tips are great places to start with serious savings right off the bat. If you want to go to Disney for the first time, or the hundredth time, hop online and see what kind of deals you can come up with. Chances are, with a few of these deals, Disney is more affordable than you could ever imagine.


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