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How To Get Around Within The Disney Parks


Until you visit Disney, you will most certainly underestimate the sheer size of the park. Covering more than 30,000 acres, you can imagine that it might take quite some time to maneuver around to each location. Within each park, you’ll want to wear your best walking shoes, but from park to park you’ll want to use one of these three basic modes of transportation: Rosen in the ash: blackjackonlinewinner.com strategy finder.


By far the most fun mode of transportation, the monorail speeds along over a single track, almost 50 feet above the ground. Riding on the monorail gives you a great tour of the layout of Disney. From the windows, you can see what landmarks are at different locations and you don’t have to worry about any stops in between destinations.

The monorail will take you between any of the parks and the ticket center. It also makes a few stops at the Magic Kingdom Resorts, which is convenient if that is where you are staying. Out of all the different modes of transportation around Disney, this one is probably the coolest way to get a great overview of the park.


In keeping with Disney style, the buses are huge and quite comfy. If you are not in a hurry, then the buses might be the perfect mode of transportation for you. The buses provide a soft ride, which is extremely nice if you have spent the entire day on your feet and on the bumpy rides. The buses run every five minutes, so there is always a relaxing ride just around the corner.

The buses also keep you out of the theme park traffic and give you front entrance access to all your favorite locations. While the monorail is the speedy way to get around, the bus system is a great time to relax and take a few minutes off your feet. The best thing about the buses is the short wait for the next pick-up, with Disney striving to keep the wait below five minutes.

Your Car

If you have your own car at Disney, by all means, feel free to use that as your transportation. You can get in and go whenever and wherever you want, without any wait whatsoever. Having your car handy can be a good thing, especially if you are tired of being out in the weather and just want to hurry up and get back to your hotel. While some people are waiting in lines for the buses and monorail, you can get back to your car and you are off.

One thing to remember about having a car is the expense; you have to pay for parking. Unless you get through the gates before 7:00 AM, you will have to pay a pretty steep parking fee.

The best way to plan your day if you are driving your own car is to leave your car at one theme park and take the bus or monorail around to the other locations. This will save you from having to pay for parking at each park and will ensure that you remember exactly where your car is; yes, it happens. Also, you will not want to take your car out of the park for short jaunts, like to get something to eat. You’ll find the time wasted is not worth it.

There are many great ways to get around Disney. Whether you are looking for the independence of having your own car, the speed and majestic view of the monorail, or even the leisurely, comfortable ride of the bus, there is a Disney mode of transportation that will work for you.


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