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Disney Attractions You Don’t Want To Miss


Disney is magic. There is no doubt about it. The attractions and events at Disney can have your head spinning. Which ones should you hit first!? There are a few attractions that are must-see for every visitor to Disney. These particular attractions will give you the full effect of the magic that is Disney. Let’s take a look: capsa susun online

Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! Street Party at the Magic Kingdom

Have you ever been walking around, minding your own business, and suddenly a street party breaks out all around you? I didn’t think so, which is why you need to visit the Magic Kingdom for the Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! Street Party. With classic Disney characters topping enormous floats of gift-wrapped-goodness, this high-energy show invites anyone and everyone to celebrate anything and everything.

The ensemble performs several times a day. Make it a point to get to the Magic Kingdom for at least one of the shows. This is the ultimate Disney celebration, so sing and dance along while celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or heck, celebrate the fact the wind is blowing – just celebrate something.

Fireworks at Magic Kingdom and Epcot

You have seen it in the movies; Tinkerbell waves her wand over the castle and fireworks light up the sky. Surprisingly, the same thing happens at Magic Kingdom. Along with an enchanting story filled with comedy, drama, and a phenomenal ending, you get more bang for your buck than you may ever have imagined. Compare Disney’s fireworks spectacular at 130 decibels to a jet taking off at about 180 decibels, then add extreme colors and brilliant sparkling explosions, and you’ve got an idea of how incredible this fireworks display is.

At Epcot, the theme is Reflections of Earth. During this show, a massive holographic globe is displayed over the pond with scenes from corresponding countries projected onto each continent. Wishes Nighttime Spectacular is the Magic Kingdom version and it just so happens to be the largest fireworks display ever assembled at the Magic Kingdom.

Festival of the Lion King at Animal Kingdom

Featuring the dynamic trio of Simba, Timone, and Pumbaa, along with a boat-load of singers, dancers and acrobats, you will be dazzled with the high energy rituals, and thrilled with the familiar tunes of the movie. You must be aware, in the jungle anything goes and so does most of the audience. Yes, audience participation is a big part of what makes this show so spectacular. So, get there early, grab a bite to eat and have a great time singing and dancing along as Disney puts on a performance like only Disney can.

Of course there are always the typical must-dos, such as Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, Mission Space, and the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. These great events can be passed by at first glance. However, even though time may limit the choices you make, be sure to consider each of these attractions before you decide your itinerary. You will be glad you did.


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