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3 Things Your Child Should Expect from a Daycare Provider


Does your little one have the first-day jitters about attending a new daycare?  If so, you can go a long way in easing those nerves by providing your child with some basic information, because it may just be that your child’s nervousness is largely due to not knowing what the daycare experience might be like.  Need some guidance when it comes to talking it out?  Here are three things your child should expect from a daycare provider:

Routine.  Children thrive on routine.  They typically want to eat the same breakfast and lunch every day, watch the same television shows every day, see the same people every day, and adhere to the same schedule every day.  Why?  Because when children know what is going to happen and when, they feel more in control and less anxious.  It’s a big world out there, and it can be very scary when your little ones don’t know what’s coming next.  Fortunately, the daycare experience is centered on routine, and your child can expect to become accustomed to that routine within a matter of days.

Friendly staff.  From the time you register your child with a daycare of your choosing, your child should be assigned to a staff member (or teacher) who will be there for guidance and support throughout the day.  Assure your child that there should never be any question as to who to turn to for help, and that the same teacher(s) should be with your child until it is time to “graduate” to the next age group.

Play time.  Sure, you expect that your child will gain some education while in daycare, but your child doesn’t have to know that.  An effective daycare curriculum schedule should feel like an extended playtime for your child.  Therefore, you can tell your child to expect to have plenty of fun and play time at preschool.  To be specific, you can go into detail about learning (or play) centers, recess (and all those great playground activities), arts and crafts time, and socializing with new friends.

Running a daycare is not child’s play.  It is serious business that involves the care of your most precious treasure.  Your little ones deserve to be in an environment that will nurture their talents and curiosity, and surrounded by people who care about their well-being.


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