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Websites about Children’s Health

http://kidshealth.org/ - KidsHealth partners with corporations, foundations, and other groups that support the mission of KidsHealth. 100$ Welcome Reward and Weekly 50 percent! Best Casino Slots Knowledge at bestcasinosguide.info.

http://www.healthychildren.org – They dedicate their efforts and resources to the health, safety and well-being of infants, children, adolescents and young adults.

http://www.thechildhealthsite.com - The Child Health Site provides simple, effective, feel-good ways to address an urgent, specific humanitarian need.

http://www.childhealthdata.org/  – Their mission is to advance the effective use of public data on the status of children’s health and health-related service for children, youth and families in the US.

http://www.healthykids.nsw.gov.au/ - This website was built with the purpose of being a ‘one stop shop’ of information for parents and careers, teachers and childcare workers, health and other professionals and kid and teens about healthy eating and physical activity.

http://www.completechildrenshealth.com/ - The Complete Children’s Health family of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and clinical psychologists, nurses, billing specialists, receptionists and administrators works each day to give your family what you want and need.

http://www.aboutkidshealth.ca - AboutKidsHealth is the world’s leading non-profit information source for children’s health.

http://www.childrenshealthwatch.org/ - Children’s HealthWatch monitors the impact of economic conditions and public policies on the health and well-being of very young children.

http://www.childrensnational.org - Children’s National Medical Center is the only exclusive provider of pediatric care in the metropolitan Washington area and is the only freestanding children’s hospital between Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Norfolk, and Atlanta.

http://www.kidsdata.org/ - The kidsdata.org website allows users to easily find, customize, and share data on more than 400 measures of child health and well being.

Blog Posts about Children’s Health

Antidepressants during pregnancy don’t raise infant death risk http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2013/01/03/antidepressants-during-pregnancy-dont-raise-infant-death-risk/

Children’s headaches rarely linked to vision problems http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2012/11/12/childrens-headaches-rarely-linked-to-vision-problems/

Supporting kids after trauma -http://www.childrensmn.org/blog/kidshealth/2012/12/supporting-kids-after-trauma/

Preventive Child Health in Mali http://www.ssireview.org/blog/entry/preventative_child_health_in_mali

October is Children’s Health Month! -


How Pesticides Harm Children’s Health and Brains - http://www.healthychild.org/blog/comments/how_pesticides_harm_childrens_health_and_brains/

The Future of Children’s Health -http://www.aspenideas.org/blog/future-childrens-health

Expose Babies to Pets to Avoid  Allergies - http://www.jonbarron.org/article/expose-babies-pets-avoid-allergies

Child Health is improving in PNG, and it’s all about the about the people - http://ausaid.govspace.gov.au/2012/11/20/1183

A Cough Treatment That Works -http://blogs.webmd.com/childrens-health/2012/08/a-cough-treatment-that-works.html

YouTube Videos about Children’s Health

http://youtu.be/_shXzvbMorc - PJTV: How ObamaCare Limits Health Care for Children

http://youtu.be/28wcg_tIBLQ - Children’s Environmental Health Webinar

http://youtu.be/q76-gICUoBU - Hedley’s interview on how air pollution impacts children health

http://youtu.be/C59FmRoo6B4 - Radon and Children’s Health

http://youtu.be/_iatxK6Osuk - The Inside Story: Children’s Health and Infectious Diseases

http://youtu.be/WD1Ix69Je0E - Children’s Self-Control and the Health and Wealth of their Nation – Professor Terrie Moffitt

http://youtu.be/SCFMRBrCMGc - NPT Reports: Children’s Health Crisis – Obesity

http://youtu.be/HBTUcBgBVV4 - Top 10 causes of obesity in children – Boston Children’s Hospital – Top 20 Health Challenges

http://youtu.be/UxJJlnBOgFs -  The Importance of Studying Children’s Environmental Health

http://youtu.be/JMRAy_g5S3s - Empower Your Body: Jamie Oliver is Right and 30 Percent of Children are Obese on this Children’s Health Day

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