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Game-based learning is here to stay

Games and kids

Switch that radio off while you are studying!
No TV until you finish your homework!

Remember those?
Well my kid is not even slightly interested in radio or TV, during homework or as a reward for after.
Computers, and the internet, have her attention.

I recently came across a very interesting article by Justin Boyle, who a tutor, editor and designer, who works in media production for an ecology non-profit.
He claims that game-based learning may not be a quick fix for schools looking to pump up student performance, but some things just don’t have quick fixes.
Game-enhanced coursework has been shown to have effects both grand and subtle on the attitudes and outcomes of learning, in online colleges as well as traditional classroom environments that teachers could do well to further explore.

Game based learning is worth looking into, it is not even that new; studies are being carried out and published about advantages/disadvantages of using games to help students learn better.
Recent research shows that video games, once considered public school enemy number one, might just be one of our greatest assets in delivering an effective education.

Before you go on to read the full article, I have to tell you this is not new, as Netdreamer Publications has been using footage shot in real time (games and virtual platforms) for their innovative educational e-Books for children.
Developments like that will bring the level and effectiveness of children’s e-Books more up to date, it is time we left ‘old school’ animations behind and show kids the animations of today. An example of the first 4 pages of our e-Book, ‘Medieval farm’, is shown HERE.

Read the full article.


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