About Netdreamer Publications

We are a virtual publishing company, specialising in children’s books for educational and life experience.

We have been working with real time animation since 2011 and believe it has a great potential as a teaching tool.
We are convinced that the published material available today for tablets and e-readers falls very short to its full potential.

We believe that the sophisticated child, born and living in this digital day and age, will enjoy in-depth animation in eBooks and on handhelds.

So far, animated e-Books for children show wriggling hippo’s and ducks that swim around a boat, and we think that Real Time Animation is the next step.

We should always be striving to capture the child’s imagination and trigger that inner magic and wonder that can be experienced by the inquiring mind.

Also when a parent becomes involved in advanced animation, their enthusiasm will add to the fun and learning-experience of the child.

The more the enjoyment and involvement of the parent while reading a story, the deeper the experience of the child. It is a matter of raising the bar high, with full animation, which the teacher and parent will also enjoy and then transfer it to the child.

Think of movies like Shrek and Ice Age, the fact that parents enjoy it so much is one of the (many) success factors of these films.

This is truly a brave new world for a publisher and author. Netdreamer Publications has taken the next step and is pre-selling right now!