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5 Questions Parents Should Ask Before Hiring a Daycare Provider

Choosing a childcare provider for your child is a difficult task.  After all, how do you determine a virtual stranger’s worthiness when it comes to caring for the person you most value in life?  Fortunately, you can find a reputable and trustworthy professional by following some practical steps, and it begins with getting some basic information.  Here are five questions parents should ask before
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5 Most Popular Daycare Activities

To keep young children engaged, it is necessary to provide them with a variety of activities and environments throughout the day at a daycare center.  While different daycares may adhere to different philosophies and curriculums, most daycares break up the day by organizing similar activities into schedules.  Here is a breakdown of the five most popular daycare activities: In-class learning centers.  Toddler attention spans
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3 Things Your Child Should Expect from a Daycare Provider

Does your little one have the first-day jitters about attending a new daycare?  If so, you can go a long way in easing those nerves by providing your child with some basic information, because it may just be that your child’s nervousness is largely due to not knowing what the daycare experience might be like.  Need some guidance when it comes to talking it
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