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Tony Dyson

Film Director 

Tony Dyson

The man behind Star Wars R2-D2. The versatile Emmy nominated Film SFX supervisor is the creative genius at the helm of many of the biggest SCI-FI movies to date. Among them are Superman 2, Moon Raker, Dragon Slayer, and of course, The Empire Strikes Back. “Prof. Tony Dyson obss”

When it comes to Robot technicians Tony is quite unique, as well as building one of the most famous Robots ever, R2-D2 he has also designed and built Robots for some of the largest electronic companies in the world. For example Sony, Philips and Toshiba.

“What’s special about Tony is that I don’t think he’ll ever grow up … and that makes him interested in almost everything.” Could it be that, as Tony Dyson’s wife commented, it’s the quest for knowledge so characteristic to children that drives a person like Tony to success? One thing is for certain, Tony has got that something that leaves you thoroughly breathless … and that’s his mind.

Having grown up watching films like Star Wars and Superman, fantasizing about a world so unreal and yet so vivid in my mind, I must say that meeting Tony Dyson was like a dream come true. The SFX Master behind many creations such as R2-D2, the barrel-shaped Droid from the “Star Wars sagas” and many other ingenious creations for cinema and TV commercials being commissioned to create anything from Robots to Theme parks, Tony has built a worldwide reputation as the man who can make it happen” by Karen Barun. Di-ve.com.

Tony has worked with:-

Steven Spielberg (Producer/Director), Gary Kurzts (Producer), Cubby Broccoli (Producer/Director), Peter Parks (Producer/Director), Irvin Kershner (Director) John Mollo (Designer), Brian Johnson (SFX Supervisor), Derick Meddings (SFX Supervisor), Dr. Christian Barnard (Heart Surgeon), Chriet Titulaer (Author/Presenter), John Cleese (Actor/Author), John Webster (Advertising), Adel, Roustein (Fashion Mannequins), Jim Davison (TV/Theatre), Roger Daltry (The Who pop group), Peter Townsend (The Who pop group), Mike Oldfield (Tubular Bells)

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Film Producer for Scissores

Chantal Harvey

My first interest in films goes back a very long way. One of my earliest memories is spending all my pocket money on a roll of film for my dad’s Kodak Box camera and exploring my world through its lens.

When I was 12, a teacher encouraged me to develop my drawing skills, this became a passion, so the next decision was very easy, I simply had to go to Art School and learn as much as I possibly could. Even at 17, I knew this would always be a major part of my life and art has been a great factor ever since. I needed to explore more materials to work with, such as oils, water colors, and metals – I studied to be a Goldsmith.

Chantal HarveyBut an artists life is a hard life, if you wish to work your art as a form of income. So I decided I would never lose my freedom of choice when it came to my Art and I would always be true to my ideas – and the driving force that I think all artist have.

So it was not a very difficult decision to make. What I needed was a day job that not only gave me the stability of a good income, but also helped me to grow and learn, two of the most important requirements of any Artist, if they ever hope to reflect their experiences and connect to others through there Art.

When I bought a Hi8 video camera, nothing was safe from my spying eye. -I filmed it all! Pubs, clubs, concerts, theatre, street life, exhibitions, anything that touched my heart – I have got it on tape. I joined Pizza TV, a famous art project in Rotterdam, which made TV on demand in 1995! Live-TV, people would call in and off we went to film and deliver, I remember we had legendary broadcasts lasting 24 hours.

Working for TV without any technical skills had its charm – but I went back to school and learned to be a better producer and editor, one of my better decisions. I have never stopped learning, I think that study is a road to development of self and personal growth.

When I moved to the south of Holland, I joined local television in Valkenburg. Started as a camera woman and editor, I soon found myself as a member of the board and later became head of TV there, it was a very demanding job, but I loved the challenge.

Later I worked as a freelancer for Regional and National TV in the Netherlands, up until early 2011, when I gave it up to focus full time on Machinima.

But as early as 2007 I had started working with ‘Real Time Animation’, which caught my attention and later became a real passion for me, Machinima is opening up a new world in which I feel total artistic freedom and room to explore and grow.

I now work in many fields with many people, but my main focus is SCISSORES – the company I run with Tony Dyson, the R2-D2 man for Star Wars! We produce cutting edge movies made in the virtual world Second Life ™.

* Chantal is the Machinima producer for the world famous 48 hour Film Project (USA).

* A member of the Linden Endowment for the Arts.

* Founder of the MMIF Machinima festival.

* The curator at large at ‘Month of Machinima’ for Linden Lab.

* Chantal has worked with many world renowned artists including Stelarc.

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